Garage Door Spring Replacement

The Facts About A Single Spring Vs Double Springs:

WARNING - Springs are under high tension. Only qualified persons should adjust them.

Garage door industry standard is 10,000 cycles on new doors. Some garage door manufacturers have higher cycle springs.

Single Garage Door Spring

  • Single spring normally lasts 5-7 years
  • A single spring causes more wear and tear on the end plates.
  • In the future when the spring breaks you have to lift the full weight of the door to get your car out.
  • Using a single spring is a generic spring that works with lots of weights of doors. If your door is heavy, they just crank more turns on the spring to balance the door. The more turns on a springs reduces the life of the spring.

Double Garage Door Springs

  • Double springs normally lasts 7-10 yrs
  • The two springs cancel each other out and does not have the wear on the end plates.
  • Having two springs make more sense because in the future when one of the spring breaks you can lift the door up and you only have to lift half of the weight of the door because of the spring not broken is working for you that way you. This is really important because you never know when the spring will break.
  • To achieve the exact weight of your your garage door. They can install one spring on one side and another spring on the other side that way they can get your door to balance just right.

We Install Only High Cycle Springs

Yellow Springs
207x1.75x24   18,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs
207x1.75x26   25,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs
207x1.75x28   37,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs
207x1.75x30   70,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs

White Springs
218x1.75x28   25,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs

Red Springs
225x1.75x28   15,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs
225x1.75x30   24,000  Cycles Garage Door Springs

Brown Springs
234x1.75x29   13,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs

Gold Springs
250x1.75x33   33,000 Cycles Garage Door Springs

NOTE: One cycle is having the door go up and then back down.

Super High Cycle Springs

207x1.75x25 springs are equivalent to 225x2x33 powdercoated Torsion Springs.
7ft high  65 Thousand Cycle Garage Door Springs
8ft high  48 Thousand Cycle Garage Door Springs

218x1.75x28 springs are equivalent to
7ft high  56 Thousand Cycle Garage Door Springs
8ft high  30 Thousand Cycle Garage Door Springs

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