What To Consider When Buying A Garage Door Opener?

Garage Door Opener Types

Chain- Generally the cheapest and noisest 
Screw Drive- Generally midpriced but still metal to metal noise
Belt Drive- Nice machine and very quiet. This operator is very reliable.
Side Mounted- The most expensive but the quietest. This machine can be used when you have a beam and don't have many options.

Power A/C
Power refers to both the size of the garage door opener’s motor and the type of power used to run the motor. Motors come in 3 sizes: 1/3 Hp, good for single garage doors; 1/2 Hp, preferred for double doors; and 3/4 Hp for unusually large or heavy doors. “Soft” stopping and starting reduces noise. DC-powered garage door openers use less electricity and may include battery backup for power outages

Power D/C
DC machines are nice so because they are quieter than a A/C operator and they are smaller and more compact. They also can make the operator have soft start & stop control. This means the door begins and end its travel smoothly  instead of abrubtly , helping the lessen noise with the added benefit of less wear and tear on the garage door.

The U.S. government requires that all garage door openers sold today be able to stop a closing garage door and reverse its course whenever it meets an obstacle in its path. Look for a garage door opener with a pressure sensor that mounts on the door and a manual release feature that allows you to open the door if the power fails.

Garage door openers incorporate a system of rolling codes, meaning that each time the opener is activated, the code changes. This prevents code theft and accidental opening by neighbors or passersby. Look for a timer function that will lock the garage door and disable the remotes while you’re away for extended periods of time.

Remote controls can have one button for opening and closing the door, or multiple buttons for operating several doors or turning on lights. Keypads allow access to children and visitors and let you back in if you forget or lose your remote. Consider fixed controls with a delay feature that will let you get out of the garage without running past a descending door.

Some door-bell wall stations are very basic like this one above and the nicer ones have an option where they can lock out the transmitters so they can not work and feel safer in your house at night or when you go on vacation.

Mini remotes are a great idea for security, so when you the vehicle nobody can break your window and reach in and grab the remote and have access to your garage door.

Garage door wireless keyless entry are nice so you that you can open the remote with a code.

Garage door openers offer single light bulbs and double light bulbs.  If you have a dark garage you might want to consider a garage door opener with more lighting.

Smart Phone Control
Some garage operators have the option to be able to open or close the door remotely using the smart phone app. It can also send you alerts when it is being used.

Battery Back Up
Battery back up is an option so if the power ever goes out you can operator you garage door.

Homelink  or Car2u capable
This feature allows you use the buttons built into the car to operator the garage door.
Learn more.

Power Cord Length
I always like the use garage door operators with a long 6ft power cord some garage door operators only use a 3ft cord.

Auto Seek Duel Frequency
Some garage door manufactures uses 2 different freqencies so they don't receive potential nearby frequency interference, such as military base equipment.

Application Of The Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Openers are very much like car or trucks. If you are hauling a big heavy trailer then you are going to want something with some power to pull that heavy trailer. So another words if you have a heavy carriage house door then you want something strong to be able to lift up the garage door. In the garage door world there are very basic models and then some with all the bells and whistles.

Retail Vs. Professional
The main difference between retail openers and professional type openers are the rails. Retail openers are built so they are pieced together so they can fit in a box to be able to take home in your vehicle. Retail openers are not very strong because they flex and bend and they are pieced together.  A professional garage door opener is a solid rail and because of that they very strong. For customers buying a retail opener they only will last if they install the garage door opener correctly. I see customers install garage door openers incorrectly and then the safety devices don't work like they should.  Another problem is customers do not set the safety pressures correctly and when it hits an object the door does not reverse like it should and door come off the track and then there is alot of problems. My advice is to let a professional install the door so that the safety devices work like they should and could recommend the right garage door opener for the door you have.

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