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How “BAD BOB” Gets You To Call

Locate in a Large Metropolitan Area
“Bad Bob” targets large population centers where the consumer is unlikely to know him. Since consumers generally need door service only a few times in their lifetime, they will frequently rely on the Yellow Pages to find a local dealer.
Buy Giant Yellow Page Ads to appear Huge
“Bad Bob” buys a full-page, full-color ad or even a two-page ad. The consumers figure, "Gee, if he can afford a giant Yellow–Page ad, he must be credible." They do not know that “Bad Bob” operates out of a house.
Be First
“Bad Bob” does whatever it takes to be listed first; even creating a company name that begins with "A", because he knows that consumers often call the first name on the list.
Use Several Company Names
“Bad Bob” often advertises under several company names using different telephone numbers so the customer will call at least one of his numbers. The customer will never know that “Bad Bob” is actually the only person behind all these companies.
Appear to have Many Convenient Locations
To make homeowners think that the business is in their neighborhood, “Bad Bob” often publishes different telephone numbers, but all calls transfer over to “Bad Bob's” one location, which may be in a different city or state! Spot this scheme by looking for the heavy black line around a Yellow Page ad. The black line will surround all the different companies and telephone numbers that are under the same ownership (“Bad Bob’s”). Also, “Bad Bob” doesn’t list a physical address in his Yellow Page ads.
Use as Many Brand Names and Logos as Possible “Bad Bob” is usually not an authorized dealer of these brands. This tactic is illegal.
Promise "Low Prices." Especially Low Hourly Rates
“Bad Bob” often makes this promise, but he knows that homeowners have no idea what garage door parts really cost. Always ask for a free telephone estimate of the TOTAL repair cost before a service technician comes to your home.
Boast "Voted #1 in Customer Service."
This, too, is false advertising since “Bad Bob” is the only one who cast a vote.
Charge Exorbitant Prices
“Bad Bob” needs to maximize his profits in order to pay for these Yellow Page ads that often cost $60,000 - $1500,000. He cannot afford a small markup, so “Bad Bob” charges up to 20 times more than the real cost for each part.
Use Subcontractors
Iinstead of salaried technician-employees. Adequate insurance coverage is doubtful.
A Warehouse and Storefront is Unnecessary
Since most of “Bad Bob's” income comes from service work, he does not need to own a big warehouse that stocks complete doors. “Bad Bob's” subcontractors get springs, openers, parts, and replacement sections at any of several wholesale warehouses in his area.
Look Reputable by Displaying certain Pictures that may not be Real
“Bad Bob” knows that his Yellow Page rep can create images of clean-cut servicemen standing next to expensive-looking houses and even print “Bad Bob's” logo on the side of a blank service truck picture.

This Is A Must Watch!!

ADM Garage Door Inc. Promises

Adm Garage Doors, Inc. would like to inform you of a recent scheme that some dealers in the garage door business have been using to deceive and exploit you and make big money! Read below for a description of how the scheme would work for a hypothetical, unethical dealer we will call "Bad Bob".

As reported in Door & Access Systems magazine, Yellow-Page advertising is the first part of this scheme. Once “Bad Bob” has gotten you to call him, the rest of the scheme unfolds. “Bad Bob” will not quote you a total price for garage door repair over the phone. Instead, he will quote a low hourly labor rate. Then “Bad Bob” will charge you exorbitant prices for new parts you do not need with a promise of a lifetime warranty. “Bad Bob” knows that by the time that expensive part breaks, you will have moved, lost your warranty card, or he will be out of business. His lifetime warranty is only on the part, not the labor. “Bad Bob” can easily recover the cost of replacing those warranted parts in the future by doubling his labor charges.

Adm Garage Doors, Inc. can usually determine what parts and repairs are needed over the telephone. Adm Garage Doors, Inc. can quote the price of standard parts and upgraded parts to let you choose. For example, you may want to purchase longer-life (higher cycle) springs that will open/close your door 30,000 times (rather than the standard 10,000 times) for an additional $50 each. For a lot less money, Adm Garage Doors, Inc. can sell you the same upgraded parts that “Bad Bob” sells with his expensive lifetime warranty. Don’t let a simple garage door repair turn into a $500 nightmare! Get a complete quote including parts and labor before anyone comes to your home.

These “Bad Bob” dealers give the entire garage door business a bad reputation.

Adm Garage Door, Inc. Promises:

ADM Garage Doors Inc., Assures you that we will be here when you need us! Call ADM Garage Doors,Inc. 916-595-5355 for a free phone estimate of our quality parts and skilled service.

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